Because women thrive on community, support and education – a movement was born.

GENX Ladies is a professional and lifestyle platform for women between the ages of 35 and 50+.

Our mission is to create a community where women over the ages of 35+ are inspired to reignite forgotten dreams,  thrive, launch or grow successful business or careers and live a healthy and fulfilling life by providing them with the resources and tools needed to accomplish this.


It all started as a dinner with 41 ladies and became a movement.  Adeola, the founder of the GENX Ladies Network, noticed a common conversation occuring among some of her friends, colleagues or clients mostly over 40 years of age. The conversations always went into two different directions – one was that of feeling fulfilled and simply loving life. The second, which occurred more often and consistently was that of not feeling completely fulfilled or sure if they are on track with their lifelong dreams before ‘life’ happened.

The dinner was amazing, the ladies engaged in deep, vulnerable and uplifting conversations on different topics such as transition into a new career after 40s, launching and building a successful business with the rapid and ever-changing technology, health challenges and ways to be proactive about one’s health, keeping up with the changes in our bodies, finding or sustaining love and the list goes on.

Once the dinner was completed and the ladies kept asking Adeola when the next one is. She silently thought, “Next one? I guess there will be a next one.” This has led to several ones and grown into a network, several brunches, social and networking events, workshops and training for entrepreneurs and professionals and a recently launched membership program.

THE GENX Ladies is a professional and lifestyle community for women between the ages of 35 and 50+.

What does Adeola, the founder have to say?

When I came up with the idea of GENX Ladies specifically for women who are no longer in their 20s or early 30s, the idea sprung from wanting to provide a platform to help reignite forgotten dreams, provide resources and tools to launch and grow successful businesses and live a healthy and fulfilled life.

But this vision wasn’t as articulate as this, I wanted to have some women in their late 30s and above to come together for dinner and have some real and honest conversations on picking up forgotten dreams and pursuing it, health and our bodies after 40, building a successful career and business even when you feel you are one of the oldest or not as techy savvy in your workplace and industry.


That candlelight dinner in June 2016 has turned to several Annual GENX Ladies Brunch/Conferences, workshops and webinars, social and networking events and an international GENX Ladies Event.

I constantly get feedback from some of the ladies who attend our event about the impact it has made on them. Some ladies launched new businesses after stalling on it for several years, Some are healthier and making healthier decisions, some ladies returned back to school after taking a break to grow their families, some ladies reported they met their business partners at our events…and much more.

When I hear feedback and testimonies like this, it reassures me that I’m definitely on the right path and fulfilling one of my purposes here on earth.